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Reginald Gibbons is a poet, fiction writer, translator, literary critic, artist, and Professor of English, Classics, and Spanish and Portuguese. In 2008 he published a new book of poems, Creatures of a Day (LSU Press, 2008; Finalist for the 2008 National Book Award in poetry).  New books: Slow Trains Overhead: Chicago Poems and Stories (University of Chicago Press, 2010); a bilingual Spanish/English selection of poems, Desde una barca de papel (Littera Libros, 2010); a bilingual Italian/English selection of poems, L'Abitino Blu (gattomerlino/superstripes, 2012).

In 2008 he also published a volume of translations of Sophocles, Selected Poems: Odes and Fragments (Princeton); from 2006 to 2009 he was a columnist for American Poetry Review.

Since late 2010, he has been participating in the planning of a national museum of American literature (see www.americanwritersmuseum.org).


At Poetry at Round Top, 11th annual Festival, Round Top, Texas, MAY 4-6, 2012. http://poetryatroundtop.org/


Stop Smiling (Chicago), Jan. 27, 2012

AWP, Chicago, March 1, 2012


Among 2009 "Chicagoans of the Year" in the arts, Chicago Tribune.

Photo at http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/chi-20091226-chicagoans-2009...

Los Angeles Times: "Reginald Gibbons Finds Poetry in Chicago," Dec. 30, 2009, http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-chicago-poet30-2009dec30...

Video interview, WGN-TV: http://www.wgntv.com/videobeta/99d9bce4-2b4d-442d-bc88-474d2fb43809/News...

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